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I was recently described as being a '360 degree photographer" by the head of photography at a global non-governmental organization based in Rome. For me, that was the best, most accurate and quite frankly flattering description I have heard about my work, period! There are some who insist that specialization in a particular genre of photography is the only way to go and that you can't consider yourself a professional if you shoot different kinds of photography. I beg to differ. 

The era of digital photography means we are free to experiment and hone our photographic skills across many different areas. I consider myself a "jack of all f-stops and a master of none" in that I truly love to work in all sorts of varying and challenging photographic environments. I am limited only by my imagination and spend almost every day improving my skill set in one way or other so that I can offer my clients a truly 360 degree photographic experience.

My work has featured in magazines, on billboards, in the press, on several websites, brochures, annual reports, etc. I have sold images to corporates, individuals, NGO's, calendars and so on. I cover various aspects of photography, within reason of course! My website is here just for a glimpse into my offering and on request I can provide many more samples of the various genres that I cover.

I love what I do and the ultimate accolade for me is when my clients see this in the work I deliver, so please...don't hesitate to call me, email me, skype me, message me etc for business, photography consulting or just to say hi!  


Commercial, Corporate, Event, NGO, Fashion, Portraiture, Food, Architectural, Sport & Wedding Photography.

My clients include: The World Food Program, The World Health Organization, UNICEF Zambia, Airtel Zambia, Vodafone Zambia, Vodafone Cameroon & Vodafone Uganda, MTN Zambia, Zamtel, BancABC Atlas Mara, Barclays Bank Zambia, Standard Chartered Bank & I am an assignment photographer for Getty Images.


Please email me on [email protected] to discuss your requirements and I will provide you with a comprehensive and cost-effective quotation.

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